We will like to share with you some good news on the .ng domain name space – in order that you may have first-mover advantage.


Last night the managers of the .ng domain name NIRA (Nigeria Internet Registration Association) informed all registrars about a change in the domain name policy.

Here is the relevant quote in the amended policy:


“Effective April 2013, NIRA Executive Board have approved the opening up of .ng domains for general registration at the price of N15,000 per domain save for special category of domain names determined to be of premium value. These premium value domain names will be available via auction only. The procedure for auction will be as stated in the NIRA Domain Name Auction Policy.  The NIRA Executive Board reserve the right to determine which domain names are classified as auction and may review these names from time to time.”


Here is what this means:


Before now, domain names on the 2nd level were only available to those who were ready to pay the huge fee of about N7,500,000 (7.5 million naira or about $46,000).  Hence most registrations were being done at the 3rd level such as .com.ng/.org.ng/.biz.ng, etc.

With this amendment, names can be registered such as internet.ng by paying only Fifteen thousand naira (N15,000) or $100.  Note that this fee is fixed by NIRA and Registrars are not permitted to mark up this price.  Domain names can be registered/renewed for up to 10 years.  Annual renewal fee is same as registration fee.


You may therefore wish to safeguard your brands by registered desired names on the 2nd level as soon as possible.



Monday, April 8, 2013

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