Interswitch Payment Notice: Introduction of New Interswitch Payment Engine-Webpay

  • Sunday, 16th September, 2012
  • 18:27pm


This announcement is especially for our Nigerian clients who may wish to pay online for goods using the Interswitch Webpay.  It concerns some upgrade in security features and usage.

The Central Bank of Nigeria mandated banks with effect from 1 April 2010, to commence the issuances of Chip & PIN cards to replace the magnetic stripe cards banks in the country issue to cardholders.  In line with this development, it became imperative to upgrade the web payment engine of Interswitch (WebPAY) to accept the newly introduced Chip & PIN cards in addition to the existing magnetic stripe cards.

Interswitch also seized the opportunity to improve on the security associated with using a debit card (magnetic stripe or Chip & PIN) to make payments on the internet.  With this upgrade customers are require to select an icon depending on the type of card to be used in making payments.  These icons are: Interswitch Logo (for magnetic stripe cards), Verve Logo (for Chip & PIN cards) and MasterCard Logo (for MasterCard cards), etc.

Below we detail the new changes.  Please contact us for further inquiries.


What is WebPAY?

WebPAY® is an Internet Payment Gateway developed by InterSwitch to facilitate payments on the Internet using debit cards issued by member banks on the InterSwitch network.

WebPAY® plugs-in seamlessly with existing websites and acts as a bridge between a merchant’s website and financial institutions (banks) to process payment transactions. Customer card details are captured online via WebPAY® in order to make purchases on the merchant’s site. The card details are sent in an encrypted manner to InterSwitch for real-time authorization at the issuing bank.

1. New Interface

A New Outlook to Online Payments

Discover a whole new visual experience on the InterSwitch Web payment engine, WebPAY!

Experience a beautifully designed, interactive interface with ease of use for all categories of clients and web users alike. While creating a new look and feel for users to enjoy, we have added a few features to provide increased security.

2. Multiple Card Options

A better way to Pay

The New WebPAY makes it easier for various users to make payments using a variety of InterSwitch enabled cards. InterSwitch Magnetic stripe cards, Verve (Chip & PIN) cards as well as MasterCard (coming soon) users, will be able to select their card options and thereafter input required details to complete a payment transaction.

3. Security

CVV2 (Card Verification Value)

CVV2 is a 3-digit value printed at the back of the Verve card. WebPAY® has been modified to validate the Card Verification Value (CVV2). The CVV2 values are not encoded on the Magnetic stripe card.

Strong Authentication

All cardholders who intend to pay for web transactions, using Verve cards shall obtain a token from their bank, in order to complete

higher value transactions. This device will be used to generate One-Time Passwords (OTP). This set of digits (OTP) would be entered by the cardholder in the slot provided on the payment page. WebPAY in turn validates the cardholder’s token value before sending the transaction to the switch for processing.

Card Reader - Challenge & Response

As an alternative, cardholders who require enhanced safety measures when making web transactions, using Verve cards could also obtain Card readers from their bank. A Card reader is a device in which the customer inserts card and inputs the challenge value displayed on the WebPAY page, in order to generate a response (One Time Password) for secure web transactions.

4. Website Risk Profiling

Securing Web Payments

The New WebPAY has been designed to provide the appropriate level of security for the type of purchase being made and the total value of the purchase. Websites will now be categorized based on the type and value of item or service sold.

Category 1: These are websites of Institutions and Associations.

Category 2: These are websites of sectors such as Airlines as well as Bill

payment websites.

Category 3: These are websites with such goods and services as airtime,

recharge as well as ALL downloadable/re-sellable goods and



For payments to be presented for authorization, WebPAY® required the entry of a valid:

Debit card number,

4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Card expiry date.

Going forward…

WebPAY® has been enhanced with certain security features. Therefore, the new WebPAY® requires that:

A: The customer selects the card type which would be used to make payment.

The options are:

II. InterSwitch (Magnetic Stripe) card

III. Verve (Chip & PIN) card

IV. Other cards (MasterCard coming soon…)

Multiple Card Options

B: Just like in the OLD WebPAY, the card holder is required to provide his/her:

Debit card number,

4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Card expiry date.

C: The customer provides more information depending on the card being used.

I. CVV2: It is the 3-digit number at the back of the Verve (Chip & PIN) card.

II. One Time Password (OTP): This is a set of random digits generated from an

InterSwitch Token.

III. Challenge: This is a set of numbers that would be displayed on the page for

the customer to input on a card reader and get a hashed response to

authenticate the transaction.

Strong Authentication + Card Verification


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